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City Art Print Kampen version 2

City Art Print Kampen version 2

A City Art Print of the city of Kampen. The art print is available in A3 and A2. 


The Art cities were created by a preference for maps. The Art prints are hand-drawn lines and surfaces that take shape by superimposing different maps, creating an interesting image that sometimes feels abstract, but if you look closely you can see the contours and infrastructures of a city. Sometimes up to 5 different maps are used to create an art print and the art print balances between a map and an abstract composition. Every line or dot is therefore real information, only the scale on which it is used may differ. Think of maps of different soil types, maps from the distant past or water maps. The maps used differ per city because each area has different characteristic features that determine the city and its surroundings.

    PriceFrom €19.95
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