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Dry running mat let's go wild

Dry running mat let's go wild

This drying mat is a beautiful addition to any interior. The mat features colorful, hand-drawn prints that give a fresh, natural look to the room. The mat is sustainably produced close to home, so that your environmental impact is limited. The mat is made of high-quality material, making it resistant to frequent use and stains. With this mat in your home, you create a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere.


Studio Lilaline's drying mats are all custom made for you. From hand-drawn drawing converted into design. The mats are manufactured in the Netherlands and make every entrance immediately attractive.


- Thickness mat 5mm

- The bottom of the mat is made of rubber

- Easy to cut to size with a box cutter

  • Information

    Because all our products are only made once the order has been received, the products cannot be returned. 

Colour: hotpink
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