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About Studio Lilaline 

At studio Lilaline we design prints and illustrations for products for the home, paper products, wallpaper and fabrics. We make free work with different themes and manuscripts. We also design products on commission and try to create new products and designs for our customers with our own style. 

Sometimes we take a crazy trip and our hobbies and passions come together and we develop a new product such as our own homemade caramel sauces with flavors such as caramel with pepper, or caramel with whiskey. We do not shy away from creating graphic layouts and developing new products and printing these products.



Founder & designer 

Studio Lilaline is founded by Nicoline Buijs. Nicoline is a creative teacher at Cibap – the vocational school for design – and also works for herself at Studio Lilaline. 

Nature, the picking garden and the seasons are her great sources of inspiration. Nicoline can lose herself in the details of a full pink peony or the overflow of colors in an autumn leaf. She converts this inspiration into hand-drawn, colorful illustrations, which are the basis for Studio Lilaline's products.

Ever since Nicoline became a mother, she has been unable to avoid roaring dinosaurs, vertebrateless sea creatures and tickling insects. In addition to digitally wrestling with T-Rexes, Nicoline makes free work and can fly her hands on assignment. Whether it concerns product development, styling a space or thinking about that colored doormat: Studio Lilaline is your woman for design jobs with color, flowers and bravado. 



Baking daddy & Back office

Hands together for the baking badass and final boss of our back office: Lucien Rooth! His boundless energy and baking ensure that Studio Lilaline is rooted as it is today. Lucien is a jack of all trades: he thinks about new colors and products and makes contact with suppliers and producers. 

Lucien is a social animal and is always up for a good idea. If you want to collaborate with Studio Lilaline, there is a good chance that you will encounter Lucien digitally. If you want to bribe him, only (real life) cake from the real pastry chef is good enough. 


Honesty and sustainability are our top priorities. We therefore have all our products made close to home, so that we know that our products are made in a safe, fair manner. We are also always looking for new products or materials in the field of sustainability and we try to incorporate sustainability into all our products. In addition to producing as sustainably as possible with, for example, biodegradable materials and water-saving options during production, we also look at quality. After all, you may want to produce in the most sustainable way possible, but if your product quickly ends up in a trash bin, you will be doing all your nice preparatory work for nothing. That is why we choose high-quality, elegant materials for our paper products, for example. So you can also keep your chosen postcard as a small work of art. 

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